All Kinds of Voices, LLC, can help your school or district meet the needs of students who have limited or no speech. As a speech therapy private practice specializing in AAC, I can help your school or district with the following:

  • AAC evaluations to get speech-generating devices funded through families’ insurance or Medicaid (recommended, so the device will belong to the family and they’ll be able to take the device with them if they move out of the district)

  • AAC evaluations and/or consultation services to help school teams choose AAC systems that will be paid for by the district and not owned by the family (for students with good fine motor skills, these are often iPads with a robust AAC app on them)

  • training (one-on-one, small group, or workshop style) to help school teams learn to implement AAC systems effectively and confidently

  • contract services with schools looking for an experienced AAC SLP to work directly with students who use AAC to address communication goals (typically, a push-in model is recommended for this)

Services are available to schools in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Most services are provided on-site; however, some consult/coaching services can also be provided via video conferencing.

Please contact Chana Feinstein, M.A. CCC-SLP, at to discuss how I can help your school!