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Are you an SLP? Do you have kids with complex communication needs on your caseload who produce only a few spoken words (or none)? Are you struggling to figure out how to help them?

Good news: if you have an iPad, you can try out robust AAC language systems for FREE with your kids! Yes, SLPs can get free copies of most of the good AAC apps...which means you can test drive AAC language systems that will give these kids access to tons of vocabulary, and tons of possibilities for communicating! Some of these apps are the exact same software that's used by the AAC companies' traditional speech-generating's just on an iPad instead of on a traditional SGD! 

Want to learn how to choose between apps and how to start trialing apps that might be a great fit for your kids?

My online course will walk you through:

  • Guided tours of 5 good AAC apps: TouchChat with WordPower; Proloquo2Go; Snap + Core First; LAMP Words for Life; & Speak for Yourself (all except one are available free to SLPs!). (Please note, these definitely aren't the only good AAC apps out there! These guided tours will help you learn what to look for when considering other AAC language systems as well.)

  • How to use the apps in your sessions 

  • Overview of how to use a feature-matching process and trials to determine which AAC system (including apps and non-apps) is the best fit for an emerging communicator

  • Overview of the process to get the child their own device through insurance or other means (this is super important--because they need their communication system available 24/7!)

  • Compare/contrast sheets to help you decide between apps, and between certain apps and their traditional SGD (speech-generating device) counterparts 

My goal is for you to feel completely confident about turning your iPad into a powerful AAC tool for the emergent communicators on your caseload. I want you to know exactly how to figure out which robust AAC language system is the best fit for each kid. And I can't wait to hear your stories about kids starting to say things they've never been able to say before!  :) 

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